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Applied Artificial Intelligence: A Handbook For Business Leaders

***Selected as a CES 2018 Top Technology Book of the Year ***

“Artificial intelligence” is the buzzword of the day. You’ve no doubt read your fair share of media hype either proclaiming doom and gloom where robots seize our jobs or prophesying a new utopia where AI cures all our human problems. But what does it actually mean for your role as a business leader?

Applied Artificial Intelligence is a practical guide for business leaders who are passionate about leveraging machine intelligence to enhance the productivity of their organizations and the quality of life in their communities. If you want to drive innovation by combining data, technology, design, and people to solve real problems at an enterprise scale, this is your playbook.

This book does not overload you with details on debugging TensorFlow code nor bore you with generalizations about the future of humanity. Instead, we teach you how to lead successful AI initiatives by prioritizing the right opportunities, building a diverse team of experts, conducting strategic experiments, and consciously designing your solutions to benefit both your organization and society as a whole. This book is focused on helping you drive concrete business decisions through applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Written with the combined knowledge of three experts in the field, Applied Artificial Intelligence is the best practical guide for business leaders looking to get true value from the adoption of machine learning technology.

If you have questions such as…
*What is artificial intelligence (AI)?
*How do I distinguish true value from AI hype?
*What are the best business use cases for AI established so far?
*How do I identify the best business case for AI adoption and evaluate opportunities?
*Should I build or buy an AI platform?
*How do I find and recruit top AI talent for my enterprise?
*How will incorporating AI into my business increase revenue or decrease costs?
*How can I facilitate AI adoption within my company?
… then this handbook provides you with answers.

Who is this book for?
* Managers and business professionals
* Marketers, product managers and business strategists
* Entrepreneurs, founders and startups team members
* Consultants, advisors and educators
* Engineers and data scientists who want to work with business units
And everyone else who is interested in using artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve business processes.


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Applied Artificial Intelligence: A Handbook For Business Leaders

Author: Mariya Yao, Adelyn Zhou, Marlene Jia
Publisher: TOPBOTS
Publication Year: 2018
Finished? Yes, on
Signed? Yes

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