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Adobe Captivate 6: Beyond the Essentials

This book has been created as a companion to IconLogic’s top-selling Adobe Captivate 6: The Essentials book. The goal of the “Essentials” book was to get you up and running using Adobe Captivate 6 as quickly as possible. If you completed that book, you should have an excellent grasp of how to both record and produce eLearning lessons using Adobe Captivate 6. However, there is a ton of information that just didn’t fit into that book. “Adobe Captivate 6: Beyond the Essentials” picks up where the “Essentials” book left off. You will quickly learn Captivate’s higher-end functionality while improving your production skills via project templates, object styles, master slides, Themes and advanced actions. You will learn to collaborate with team members via Captivates’ powerful commenting features and You’ll enhance the learners experience via variables that will make it seem like each eLearning lesson you produce has been customized for and is talking directly to your customer.


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"Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak." - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Adobe Captivate 6: Beyond the Essentials

Author: Kevin A. Siegel
Pages: 224
Publisher: IconLogic, Inc.
Publication Year: 2012
Finished? Yes, on
Signed? Yes

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