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Understanding Cryptocurrency: Three Guides to Using and Profiting from Digital Currencies

Starting Using and Profiting from Cryptocurrency Today!

Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing banking, finance, and commerce. Whether you are an investor, trader, developer, entrepreneur, or merchant, your world is about to change.

Whether that change is for the better is up to you!

Merchants and investors: Learn what cryptocurrency is and how you can use it before your competition does!
End-Users and Traders: Take control of your finances in ways you never could before.
Everyone: Understand and be a Part of the Cryptocurrency revolution before it passes you by!

Get Three Entry-Level Cryptocurrency Guides in One Book:
Understanding Bitcoin
Ethereum: A Primer

Cryptocurrency: A Primer

Understanding Bitcoin

A Bitcoin User’s Guide for Everyone

Bitcoin is a groundbreaking innovation in the fields of technology and finance… it is faster, more private and more secure than traditional financial products like credit cards. But it isn’t just for banks, researchers, or IT professionals. It was intended for everyday people to use for shopping, saving, investing, and earning over the internet.

Understanding Bitcoin is your guide to the world’s first and most popular cryptocurrency. You’ll not only learn what Bitcoin is and what makes it such a game-changer, you’ll learn the basics of buying, spending, and transacting without falling into the traps that snare so many new Bitcoin users.

You will learn:

  • Where to find an exchange, and what to NEVER do when you use one.
  • How use bitcoin to buy items on Amazon without using gift cards.
  • The truth about Bitcoin mining that most other books won’t tell you.
  • What NOT to do if you want to keep your transactions as private as possible.
  • Whether you should invest in Bitcoin or avoid it at all costs.
  • …and Much more!

Ethereum: A Primer

Second Chances Don’t Come Often… Don’t Miss This One!

You’ve heard about Bitcoin. You’ve read the stories of those who’ve invested pocket change and earned thousands… or millions. You think you’ve missed the boat; that the days of moonshot returns are gone. They’re not!

Of the literally hundreds of cryptocurrencies in existence now, one has the potential to duplicate or even surpass Bitcoin’s revolutionary impact. It is the Smarter, Better Bitcoin. It is… Ethereum.

But what is it? How is it different from Bitcoin? What makes it the #2 cryptocurrency in the world? Find Out Now!

Answers you will find in this book:

  • What is Ethereum?
  • Who Created It and Why?
  • What Makes Ethereum Better Than Bitcoin?
  • What Makes It Valuable?
  • How and Where do you Buy?
  • …And More!

Cryptocurrency: A Primer

Start Profiting From Cryptocurrency!

You’ve heard the names: Bitcoin. Ethereum. Maybe even Dogecoin. But what are they, where did they come from, and why are they so valuable?

Cryptocurrency: A Primer will explain exactly what you need to know in a simple, conversational style with easy-to-understand language.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Which cryptocurrencies are worth holding regardless of price
  • Where to purchase cryptocurrencies and what you should NEVER do after you buy
  • Which currencies are BETTER than Bitcoin, and why
  • What are the key differences between the popular altcoins
  • and Which cryptocurrency niche is about to take off.

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"We seem to be young, in a very old Galaxy. We're like kids tiptoeing through a ruined mansion." - Stephen Baxter, Ark

Understanding Cryptocurrency: Three Guides to Using and Profiting from Digital Currencies

Author: Eric Morse
Pages: 167
Publication Year: 2017
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Signed? Yes

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