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Surfing the Tsunami: An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Options for Responding

Artificial intelligence and automation are having a huge impact on the world, and every worker needs to be prepared for the massive impact they will have on the job market. Some experts are optimistic about job creation, others are pessimistic about job loss, but studies show the potential loss of tens of millions of jobs around the world, even hundreds of millions. Surfing the Tsunami is an easy to read introduction to artificial intelligence by author and educator Todd Kelsey, who has helped thousands around the world to learn about technology.

The book is designed for anyone who wants to navigate the wave of disruption that is coming, instead of being swallowed by it: students, professionals, government leaders. The main theme of the book is about three options for responding:

* Adapt (good): learn more and pay attention; keep aware of where things are headed
* Adopt (better): adopt AI-related tools and platforms, so you can be involved in managing AI
* Adept (best): get directly involved with developing AI, by learning coding and how to work with related data

What This Book is Not: comprehensive reference of every aspect of AI.

What This Book Is: conversational, informal, personal, data-driven introduction to artificial intelligence, its impact on the job market, and options for responding. A powerful tool to develop conviction and sustainable motivation to learn more. This book is for anyone who wants to learn more, and consider various perspectives on AI and make an informed decision. No technical expertise of any kind is required; the book has everything you need to get started, points to many helpful resources, and introduces insightful perspective from a variety of people.

Chapter 1 discusses why any reader should take AI seriously, and looks at the way that artificial intelligence relates to automation and the job market.

Chapter 2 reviews various ways that AI has been transforming society behind the scenes, and how it is poised to come to the forefront.

Chapter 3 is a collection of articles, studies and analysis, with commentary, which presents data for readers to review and consider, as motivation to take AI very seriously. The information is designed to convince readers to take action, and build the habit of learning more about AI on an ongoing basis.

In Chapters 4-6, readers are invited to:

Adapt (good): keep an eye on things; keep yourself informed; and see what happens.

Adopt (better): you can adopt AI platforms and automation tools as they arise, and hopefully be the ones who manage AI and automation.

Adept (best): readers are invited to seriously consider becoming adept and involved in AI in some way. The book is especially designed to encourage and challenge people who ask, “how could I ever do that?” and seeks to convince them with data, to consider another possibility: “how could I ever not do that?”

Chapter 7 takes a look at people and perspectives in AI, and includes both profiles and interviews with thought leaders involved in artificial intelligence, deep learning, neural networks and machine learning.

Chapter 8 reviews suggested options for next steps to take, including advanced books to read and courses that can be taken in person or online.

The main idea of this book is to invite you to take AI very seriously, and to think of your response to AI as an adventure. No matter how AI disrupts and impacts our world, you can make this journey of your own choosing. And if you find yourself alarmed by the data you can choose to live in readiness, not fear.

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Surfing the Tsunami: An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Options for Responding

Author: Todd Kelsey
Pages: 188
Publisher: Independently published
Publication Year: 2018
Finished? Yes, on
Signed? Yes

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