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60 Minute CFO: The Fast Track to Understanding Finance for Movers

Business owners need to know the basics of business finance but often struggle with terms and complex concepts. This book translates those terms and concepts into plain English that any non-financial person can understand. Read the first four chapters of this book and you will know everything you need to know about business finance. It will take you 60 minutes. The complimentary Excel-based workbook, available on the author’s website, makes it easy by doing all the calculations automatically, including the ability to forecast profits, cash flow and financial strength. It is important that the business owner, banker, and CPA understand each other. Give it 60 minutes. That’s all it takes to make it happen. A must read for anyone in a key management position in a moving company.


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60 Minute CFO: The Fast Track to Understanding Finance for Movers

Author: Mr David A. Duryee
Pages: 254
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Year: 2017
Finished? Yes, on
Signed? Yes

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