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Blockchain in Europe 2020 Review

Blockchain technology burst on to the scene in an explosive way. And in the last few years, crypto currency prices and hopes and dreams for the future have begun to level out to manageable levels. This is not to say that the blockchain hype is over, but just that it’s no longer the end-all, be-all. Simply a useful tool in updating and improving the systems that touch, and in some cases, drive our daily lives. Some might proclaim ‘it’s about the technology again’.
Europe, and more specifically the European Union (EU), have exhibited an investment in exploring where adoption will take the continent. This is clear in the numerous partnerships and organisations to foster broader blockchain adoption and collaboration. But, the push for more collective blockchain adoption efforts are not restricted to the government. In many ways, interest in blockchain has been a grassroots movement, and continues to be greatly driven forward by those on the ground who are fostering these communities. Of this, María Paula Fernández, Founder and Director Department of Decentralization / ETHBerlin and Head of Communications, Golem Factory GmbH, says:
‘I’m really excited to stop talking about countries or startups and start talking more about communities and collectives’.

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