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[FREE EBOOK] Artificial Intelligence as a Disruptive Technology: Economic Transformation and Government Regulation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest technological evolution which is transforming the global economy and is a major part of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

This book covers the meaning, types, subfields and applications of AI, including U.S. governmental policies and regulations, ethical and privacy issues, particularly as they pertain and affect facial recognition programs and the Internet-of Things (IoT). There is a lengthy analysis of bias, AI’s effect on the current and future job market, and how AI precipitated fake news. In addition, the text covers basics of intellectual property rights and how AI will transform their protection. The author then moves on to explore international initiatives from the European Union, China’s New Generation Development Plan, other regional areas, and international conventions. The book concludes with a discussion of super intelligence and the question and applicability of consciousness in machines. The interdisciplinary scope of the text will appeal to any scholars, students and general readers interested in the effects of AI on our society, particularly in the fields of STS, economics, law and politics.

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