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[FREE EBOOKS] Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the lives of people and businesses more fundamentally than many people can even imagine today. This book illustrates the importance of AI in an era of digitalization. It introduces the foundations of AI and explains its benefits and challenges for companies and entire industries. In this regard, AI is approached not just as yet another technology, but as a fundamental innovation, which will spread into all areas of the economy and life, and will disrupt business processes and business models in the years to come.

In turn, the book assesses the potential that AI holds, and clarifies the framework that is necessary for pursuing a responsible approach to AI. In a series of best-practice cases, the book subsequently highlights a broad range of sectors and industries, from production to services; from customer service to marketing and sales; and in industries like retail, health care, energy, transportation and many more. In closing, a dedicated chapter outlines a roadmap for a specific corporate AI journey.

No one can ignore intensive work with AI today – neither as a private person, let alone as a top performer in companies. This book offers a thorough, carefully crafted, and easy to understand entry into the field of AI. The central terms used in the AI ​​context are given a very good explanation. In addition, a number of cases show what AI can do today and where the journey is heading. An important book that you should not miss!

Professor Dr. Harley Krohmer
University of Bern

“Inspiring, thought provoking and comprehensive, this book is wittingly designed to be a catalyst for your individual and corporate AI journey.”

Avo Schönbohm, Professor at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, Enterprise Game Designer at LUDEO and Business Punk.

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