Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Unintelligence by Meredith Broussard

Artificial Unintelligence is the social aspects of technology, semantics, and artificial intelligence book that tells the future of technology. Meredith Broussard is the author of this critical book. This is a guide that motivates people to understand the inner and outer boundaries of technology. Meredith believes that not every problem has a solution in technology. If you use technology to solve all of our problems then we are heading on the wrong side. We should think steady while blaming humans for making problems. Today, AI is being used in the majority of the projects including cars and weapons.

Driverless cars are introduced to make sure the safety of humans but in reality, they are not safe. How can we handle the worse situation, when thousands of cars on the road and something went wrong in the AI algorithm? Nobody thinks about it and we keep investing money on AI. Robots are built for different purposes. Some countries are developing super soldiers through AI that are capable of eliminating every threat. What if these soldiers got a bug in their hardware and they start killing innocent humans. Artificial Intelligence is not a solution for every problem and we have to set boundaries before it’s too late.

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