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Django 3 Web Development Cookbook, Fourth Edition

The “Django 3 Web Development Cookbook: Actionable solutions to common problems in Python web development, 4th edition” is an instructive book for Python web developers. Aidas Bendoraitis and Jake Kronika are the authors of this book. In this book, the authors describe about Django. Django is a web framework, that helps the users to build large web projects in a short time span. This updated fourth edition guides you effectively through the development process. They guide the readers on how to build a model, views, forms, and templates for your web apps.

Furthermore, after reading this book, the reader will create responsive multilingual websites, that will be shared on social networks. You will learn how to set the basic configurations to start any Django project. The reader will learn how to build database structure using the reusable model mixins. In addition, you will study how to import data from local sources and external web services and export it to your app. To be honest, after reading this book, you will have become proficient in using Django’s powerful features and will be equipped to create robust websites. All in all, Django 3 Web Development Cookbook is a must-read book for Python web developers who want to build fast and secure web apps.

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