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Emotional Intelligence And How To Achieve Mastery : 25 Proven Ways To Improve Your People Skills

The “Emotional Intelligence: 4 In 1 Mastery Guide: Emotional Intelligence Mastery, Learn to Spot and Avoid Manipulation, The Procrastination Fix and The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workbook” is a helpful book for all the readers. Jacob Greene is the author of this great book. A very understandable and comprehensive look at Emotional Intelligence and how to leverage it for better living. Most readers can benefit from the information and exercises that are provided in this book to improve the way you interact with others. This book applies to everyone who wants to grow emotionally and become a better person.

It helps the reader to look beyond the obvious and dive deeper in the face of different circumstances and opinions. Additionally, it gives you insight on how you0 brain function and a lot of tips to encounter your better self when solving problems and appealing to your good side always. After reading this book, you will learn how to manage toxic and stressful work environments through the 8 step process. You will learn how to cope with a manipulative relationship and how to solve it. All in all, Emotional Intelligence is a life-changing book for readers.

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