The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

“The Rest of Us Just Live Here” is a great fiction book that tells the story of a group of ordinary teenage kids. Patrick Ness is the author of this book. Patrick is The New York time’s best-selling author. His novels are interesting that engages the readers from start to end of the page. The Rest of Us Just Live Here is the dramatic story about murder and tragedy among the popular kids. The group of ordinary teenage kids was graduate from high school. Mike is suffering from anxiety, his sister Mel who has battled eating disorders.

Their friend Henna and Jared, whose parents want her to go with them to a war-torn country. These young kids must handle their lives and the small events, like who to invite to the prom in the shadow of the bigger stories yet to them. These are the stories and the events that define the lives of the young kids. This story has many surprising twists and turns, and characters with secrets and depths that provide for some very satisfying revelations. To know about further of the young kids, read this amazing book.

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