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SQL Basics: Learn SQL the easy way

Start directly now and dive into the world of databases and SQL. With this book you’ll learn all the necessary basics:

Database theory
Create and alter database structures
Insert, edit and delete data
Create easy queries (calculations, filter, sorting, functions)
Query multiple tables (Cross product, Inner joins, Outer joins)
Grouping and aggregation
Sub-queries & Set operations

This book is based on an Oracle database. But it’s possible to use it easily with other relational databases like Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 or MySQL. Where it is necessary the differences between the databases are pointed out. In the appendix you find „translation tables“ for DB2, MySQL and MS SQL.

Lot’s of practical exerciss

Each chapter contains a lot of execises in order to deepen the new knowledge and to apply it. At the end of each chapter there are more execises. The solutions for the execises can be downloaded on the authors webpage.

About the author

Fabian Gaußling studied information management in Kiel, Germany. After that he worked several years for different companies in the area of database developement and data warehousing. Since 2013 he has worked as an freelancer in the field of databases. Besides he’s offering trainings on different database topics (SQL, Cognos, MDX, etc.).

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