The Innovation Revelation: A story about how to satisfy customer needs

A real-world guide to taking a customer-focused approach to creating products and services that people actually want and are happy to pay for.

One of the biggest frustrations in today’s workplace is the time wasted building the wrong thing. Fortunately, there is another way to work, a way that leads to more effective teams, happier customers and increased profits.

There’s just one problem. If you’re not the boss, it can be challenging, and scary, to step up and suggest change, especially when you’re not sure exactly how to achieve it. If you are the boss, it can be even harder.

It’s an issue that author David Lowe, an ICAgile Certified Coach and trainer, knows all too well. Lowe has helped hundreds of individuals, teams and organisations learn how to use Scrum and Kanban in the real world through coaching and training. Now, in The Innovation Revelation, he distils the common problems and mistakes found when organisations try to “become agile”, then layers on easy-to-understand solutions and current best practices to help guide readers to a brighter future.

You should read this book if…

You are involved in building products and services (and want to learn how to generate value early and minimise risk)
 You want to know the basics of Agile or Scrum (and how to avoid the most common mistakes)
 You have ever wondered what service design is
 You want to know why being customer-focused makes sense

Using proven techniques refined through working with a wide range of clients across many industries (including Ford, Ministry of Justice, NHS, John Lewis and Shelter), Lowe uses the power of storytelling to introduce the basic concepts of Agile, Scrum and Service Design.

Written as a light-hearted fictional story, The Innovation Revelation follows Charlie Blades, a desperately unhappy IT professional struggling to survive in his job at one of the UK’s top department stores. He is on the cusp of walking away from it all when he realises they’ve been doing everything wrong.

With a little help, Charlie tries new ways of working that break from the conventional approach, in a last-ditch attempt to eradicate ineffective business practices and traditions and save his department from being offshored.

Join Charlie on his journey to learn:

How to get your organisation working smarter
 How to engage your customers so you can create better products and services
 How to generate value early and minimise the risk of failure
 The key steps for introducing Scrum and why an Agile mindset will help your organisation succeed
 How to avoid the common mistakes that many organisations make

The Innovation Revelation reveals what an iterative and incremental approach to developing products and services looks like and how this way of working can benefit you and your organisation.

Get this quick and practical book today to start your journey towards introducing agile and service design to your organisation, and begin better serving your customers.

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