Blockchain: Empowering Secure Data Sharing

With the development of big data, data sharing has become increasingly popular and important in optimizing resource allocation and improving information utilization. However, the expansion of data sharing means there is an urgent need to address the issue of the privacy protection – an area where the emerging blockchain technology offers considerable advantages. Although there are a large number of research papers on data sharing modeling and analysis of network security, there are few books dedicated to blockchain-based secure data sharing.

Filing this gap in the literature, the book proposes a new data-sharing model based on the blockchain system, which is being increasingly used in medical and credit reporting contexts. It describes in detail various aspects of the model, including its role, transaction structure design, secure multi-party computing and homomorphic encryption services, and incentive mechanisms, and presents corresponding case studies.

The book explains the security architecture model and the practice of building data sharing from the blockchain infrastructure, allowing readers to understand the importance of data sharing security based on the blockchain framework, as well as the threats to security and privacy. Further, by presenting specific data sharing case studies, it offers insights into solving data security sharing problems in more practical fields. The book is intended for readers with a basic understanding of the blockchain infrastructure, consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, secure multiparty computing, homomorphic encryption and image retrieval technologies.

  • Presents a blockchain-based solution for secure data sharing, including the architecture, data repository, data retrieval, and the data analysis aspects
  • Explores secure data sharing in depth, including the requirements and the challenges
  • Illustrates an important and practical application of blockchain;

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