Corona Virus

After the Pandemic: Visions of Life Post COVID-19 (PDF)

Twenty-five Sunbury Press authors contributed twenty-seven chapters about the possible impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on society. Based on their experiences in a variety of fields, they provide their projections about the changes facing us, many of which have already been underway for some time. Included in this volume:

  • Tory Gates: Change and Embracing It

  • Mark Carlson: The Role of Plagues in Human Enlightenment

  • Wylie McLallen: The Pandemic of 1918

  • Thomas Malafarina: How Are Future Pandemics Likely to Be Different?

  • Barbara Matthews: COVID-19: Through the Eyes of a Grandmother

  • Bridget Smith: Dreams Deferred

  • Iris Dorbian: The Great Equalizer

  • H.A. Callum: Fighting Solo: Covid-19 and the Single Parent

  • Catherine Jordan: Left Behind

  • Joseph Mazerac: An Essential Optimist

  • Scott Zuckerman: Public Health, Civil Liberties, and Life After the Pandemic

  • Scott Zuckerman: Medicine in the Post-Coronapocalypse Era

  • Will Delavan: The Looming Health Insurance Problem

  • Pat LaMarche: Politics Makes No Bedfellows

  • Virginia Brackett: COVID-19 Effects on Higher Education

  • Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks: The Corona Virus and Homeschooling

  • Wynne Kinder: The New ACEs: At-home COVID-19 Effects on Youth

  • Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks: How Museums and Galleries Will Adapt to the Coronavirus

  • Marianne Bickett: Coronavirus, Instrument of Change: How the Arts Will Usher in a New Era

  • Merrill Shaffer: The Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Sports

  • Maia Williamson: Tourism in the Post-Pandemic World

  • Jack Adler: The Brave New World of Travel

  • Brook Lenker: Conservation in the Midst

  • Simon Landry: On the Economic Front

  • Lawrence Knorr: The Various Economic Impacts of COVID-19

  • Penny Fletcher: Materialism vs. Spirituality

  • Chris Fenwick: Creativity—Necessity is a Mother

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