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Dark Finance: Illiquidity and Authoritarianism at the Margins of Europe

“This book describes the importance of finance and real estate for the emergence of authoritarian regimes. Through an ethnographic study of the pseudo-oligarchs, failed European businessmen, frustrated managers, and unpaid workers that populate Macedonia’s construction sector, Fabio Mattioli illustrates how financialization results in illiquidity, rather than cheap money. Mattioli’s manuscript describes the political relations that emerge from restricting access to cash, a political-economic juncture that has received little attention in the literature on financialization, but that is increasingly recognized as a critical research agenda. Guiding readers through the genesis and contradictions of a landscape of political oppression and financial failure, the book details Macedonian workers’ and managers’ struggle to recover meaningful social lives as they become more deeply entangled in the web of illiberal politics”

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