Money: Myths, Truths and Alternatives

It’s been called the root of all evil, and many other things besides, but what exactly does money mean?

Where does it come from, and how does it work? In this book, Mary Mellor seeks to answer these questions, examining the social, political, and commercial history of money.

Mellor debunks a number of received notions as little more than longstanding myths, like the idea that money is in short supply and needs to always come from somewhere.

She also moves beyond merely setting straight the record on money: she lays out a radical framework for restructuring our current financial systems. Arguing that money’s immense social value means that its creation and circulation should be a matter of democratic choice, Mellor advocates for a system that is driven more heavily by concerns for the environment and gender equality, musing that perhaps one day, money could become the root of all good.

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