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Superfluid Protocol Showcases Money Streaming Protocol

Superfluid – a protocol for programmable cashflows – has showcased its smart contract framework for money streaming.


📣 We are incredibly excited to unveil Superfluid Protocol just in time for @ETHGlobal! 🚀

Programmable Cashflows will allow you to move any assets on-chain in a stream, without the need for recurring transactions.

More details here👇

Superfluid protocol is focused on building infrastructure to enable real-time finance. The team believes that payments should be liquid and streamable, so they’ve built a smart contract framework that enables users to move assets on-chain and apply predefined rules called “agreements” to streaming transactions.

This makes it possible to potentially operate with no working capital and eliminate payment delays entirely. Streaming payments also offer employers/employees a new type of accountability and flexibility that was simply unthinkable with legacy payment infrastructure.

Superfluid only requires one on-chain transaction, greatly decreasing the gas costs that would have been involved for recurring payments. This is vastly different from something like Sablier or from traditional monthly payments as streaming transactions eliminates the need for trust or upfront payments.

All Superfluid tokens are ERC20 and ERC777 compliant, with the addition of  “agreements” that enable auto-updating real-time wallet balances. This repeated theme of streaming money might sound familiar to you if you read our piece on OUSD last week. The new business models that streaming money could enable are endless, this takes concepts like dropshipping and “just-in-time” businesses to a whole another level as the need for upfront payments could be eliminated.

One of the projects that’s really helping move this forward is @Superfluid_HQ. With Superfluid, you can have programmable on-chain cash flow and tokenize any payment stream in the form of an NFT.

— Brian Flynn 🪂 (@Flynnjamm) September 28, 2020

The immediate use-case is also clear for businesses that want a simple and accountable way of accepting recurring payments. Streaming payments powered by Superfluid enable real-time subscription-based business models no matter what kind of product or service you might be selling.

Power-User Friendly

The Superfluid Protocol was built with developers in mind as the project’s goal is to be the defacto rails for real-time finance. Tokens issued on the Superfluid protocol will share a batched call functionality, meaning multiple tokens can be transferred or a payment stream can be opened with multiple users, all in one transaction.

Superfluid will be making part of their codebase public ahead of schedule so interested developers start building with it during ETHOnline.

Get started with Superfluid by following them on Twitter or joining the conversation on Discord.

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