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Cryptocurrency Trading: The Only Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading Guide You Need to Go from Zero to Hero

If you want to master cryptocurrency trading and build wealth during the 2021 bull run, then keep reading!
The entire world of cryptocurrency is now under the radar once again.


Because Bitcoin has taken the world by storm when it crossed $20,000 per BTC in December of last year. For most experienced traders it was the signal that the real bull run was starting. Immediately, as happened in 2017 a lot of people begin to improvise themselves as market wizards, even if they had never placed a trade before.

While some of them have made decent returns in the past few months, there is no doubt they are going to give them back to the market once prices stop going up. After all, there is no need to be a genius to make money when everything that claims to be a cryptocurrency goes parabolic. Most people do not know what they are doing and they will buy high and sell low. That is the unforgiving nature of the cryptocurrency market.
Profitable traders are those that can milk the market when things are good and cash out before prices begin going South.
This is why you need to learn the right trading strategies if you want to truly build long term wealth, not just make a few lousy dollars here and there.

Here is what you will discover in this book:
The 12 terms you have to know if you want to have an advantage on the rest of the market. HODL, FOMO, BUIDL & co. will sound like poetry after reading this book!
The only fundamental analysis strategy profitable traders use to accurately determine pivot points in the market
The 5 chart indicators you have to master if you want to find profitable operations
The one secret tool professional traders use to test their strategies before risking their capital and how you can use it too
A complete risk management guide that teaches you how to calculate the right position size, minimize losses and maximize profits
A complete guide to futures and options and how you can use leverage to increase your profits without risking your capital and much, much more!

Simple Terms Every Trader Should Know
The Basics of Fundamental Analysis
Fundamental Analysis and Cryptocurrencies
Market Capitalization
An Introduction to Technical Analysis
Different Trading Strategies
Backtesting a Strategy
The Trading Journal
Swing Trading: an Effective Trading Style
Trading Arbitrage
Risk Management
Calculating the Right Position Size
The Power of Diversification
The Basics of Futures
Margin Trading
Leveraged Tokens
Betting Against The Market
Different Types of Order
Decentralized Exchanges
The Most Important Cryptocurrency for Your Trading
Tether (USDT)
Basic Chart Patterns
Essential TA Indicators
Relative Strength Index (RSI)
Moving Averages
Golden Cross and Death Cross
Stochastic RSI
Bollinger Bands
Technical Analysis and Bitcoin Market Cycles
Trend Lines
Common Technical Analysis Mistakes

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