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Continuous Architecture in Practice: Software Architecture in the Age of Agility and DevOps (EPUB)

As part of the Vaughn Vernon Addison-Wesley Signature Series, this title was hand-selected for the practical, delivery-oriented knowledge that architects and software engineers can quickly apply. It includes in-depth guidance for addressing today’s key quality attributes, including cross-cutting concerns such as security, performance, scalability, resilience, data, and innovation. Each key technique is demonstrated through a start-to-finish case study reflecting the authors’ deep experience evolving complex software environments.

* Create sustainable, coherent systems that meet functional requirements and the quality attributes stakeholders care about
* Understand team-based software architecture and architecture as a “flow of decisions”
* Reflect varied data technologies and crucial issues of data management, integration, and change
* Architect for security, including continuous threat modeling and mitigation
* Use architecture to improve performance in continuous delivery environments
* Architect for scalability and scale microservices and serverless environments
* Use architecture to apply emerging technologies more successfully

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