Software Architecture

What is cloud native?

Below is a diagram showing the evolution of architecture and processes since the 1980s.

Organizations can build and run scalable applications on public, private, and hybrid clouds using cloud native technologies.

This means the applications are designed to leverage cloud features, so they are resilient to load and easy to scale.

Cloud native includes 4 aspects:
🔹 1. Development process
This has progressed from waterfall to agile to DevOps.

🔹 2. Application Architecture
The architecture has gone from monolithic to microservices. Each service is designed to be small, adaptive to the limited resources in cloud containers.

🔹 3. Deployment & packaging
The applications used to be deployed on physical servers. Then around 2000, the applications that were not sensitive to latency were usually deployed on virtual servers. With cloud native applications, they are packaged into docker images and deployed in containers.

🔹 4. Application infrastructure
The applications are massively deployed on cloud infrastructure instead of self-hosted servers.

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