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80 Ways to Use ChatGPT in the Classroom: Using AI to Enhance Teaching and Learning

What is the impact of chatGPT on your classroom?

Should you be concerned? Should you use it or not?

In the book, “80 Ways to Use ChatGPT in the Classroom: Using AI to Enhance Teaching and Learning,” Dr. Stan Skrabut, an instructional technologist and designer, explores these topics and much more. He presents different ways to incorporate chatGPT into the classroom, including preparation for classes, providing instructional assistance, creating assessments, developing study aids, and using chatGPT for computer programming. The book also covers how students can use chatGPT for writing assistance, research, and personalized learning.

Stan provides practical examples and suggestions to help educators fully utilize chatGPT’s capabilities while addressing potential concerns and criticisms. The book aims to show that AI can enhance teaching and learning and encourages educators to embrace this technology in the classroom. See what the uproar is about!

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Book Review

Before reading this book, I was unsure of my thoughts on ChatGPT. After reading this book, I was sold that ChatGPT can actually enhance both the teacher’s and student’s experience in the classroom.

It is important to note: the final chapter entitled “Combatting ChatGPT” will be of extreme interest for those leary of this new technology. The author discusses ways to make assignments less ChatGPT friendly.

I am convinced this technology is not going away so I feel it important that all educators read this book. They’ll learn how to safeguard this assignments but also realize how ChatGPT can benefit their own lives. 5 solid stars!

Sit Tight. ChatGPT is About to Change Everything in Your Classroom

How does ChatGPT work?

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