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The Master Doesn’t Choose the Brush (Think Like An Architect, Part 6)

This post is the final part of a mini-series titled “Think Like An Architect”. If you like to start from the beginning, here’s Part 1: Famous Architects Sketch "A better brush won’t make you a Leonardo." The great thing about having lived and made friends in different countries is realizing that language is so much [...]

Architects Zoom In and Out, See Different Things (Think Like An Architect, Part 5)

"Maps don’t show every tree. And that’s OK." This post is the 5th part of a mini-series titled “Think Like An Architect”. They don’t need to be read in order but I encourage you to start with Part 1: Famous Architects Sketch. Architects deal with enormous complexity, routinely making decisions that balance many variables and [...]

Think Like An Architect Part 4: Architects See Shades of Gray, Look for Balance

This post is the 4th part of a mini-series titled “Think Like An Architect”. They don’t need to be read in order, but I encourage you to start with Part 1: Famous Architects Sketch "Architecture isn’t binary." One of my more popular articles is titled Don’t get locked up into avoiding lock-in, hosted on Martin [...]

Think Like An Architect, Part 3: Architects Look For Causality

This post is the 3rd part of a mini-series titled “Think Like An Architect”. See also Part 1: Famous Architects Sketch and Part 2: Architects See More Dimensions "A black box isn’t good enough for architects. They want to know how it’s wired together." You’ve surely seen the press releases that describe how company XYZ [...]

Think Like An Architect, Part 2: Architects See More Dimensions

This post is the 2nd part of a mini-series titled “Think Like An Architect”. Part 1: Famous Architects Sketch "It’s hard to think about volume in a two-dimensional space." It’s fair to say that sometimes architects see things that others don’t. Claiming that this makes architects a kind of mystic seer is likely a stretch. [...]

Think Like An Architect, Part 1: Famous Architects Sketch

This post is the start of a mini-series titled “Think Like An Architect”. There’s so much debate on what makes a person an architect (aside from their business card), that I’d like to share my view on how modern architects think and work. When thinking of IT architects, the first picture that comes to many [...]

How to Understand and Choose the Right Software Architecture

What is Software Architecture? It’s a surprisingly difficult question to answer. We can describe software architecture patterns and argue about what is the best software architecture, but in reality, most definitions are vague enough to be unhelpful or so over the top to be more like a list of everything that you need to think [...]

How to Become a Great Software Architect

Learn about social skills to become a great software architect and even some concrete techniques to make better decisions.   Software architecture is very simple: You only have to split up one system and use modern approaches such as DDD or Microservices. This presentation shows completely different qualifications that a good software architect must have. [...]

Blockchain FREE Books for Download

Mastering Ethereum: Implement advanced blockchain applications using Ethereum-supported tools, services, and protocols

An expert guide to implementing fast, secure, and scalable decentralized applications that work with thousands of users in real time Key Features • Implement advanced features of the Ethereum network to build powerful decentralized applications • Build smart contracts on different domains using the programming techniques of Solidity and Vyper • Explore the architecture of ...

Blockchain Development for Finance Projects [ePub]

Blockchain technology will play a disruptive role in the banking and finance sector in the future. Experts estimate that it will save up to 20 billion dollars annually. You will build full-fledged financial applications using blockchain. It will aid you in building more secure and transparent workflows and re-engineering your business processes. Key Features Implement ...

La Révolution Blockchain

Pour beaucoup, la Blockchain est perçue comme une nouvelle technologie- une de plus  ! En réalité, son potentiel de rupture est énorme. Le bitcoin, monnaie virtuelle dont la gestion échappe aux banques centrales et son protocole associé, la Blockchain sont fondés sur une technologie disruptive des échanges sur un réseau «  indélibile  » et en ...

Blockchain Technology and Applications

Blockchain is emerging as a powerful technology, which has attracted the wider attention of all businesses across the globe. In addition to financial businesses, IT companies and business organizations are keenly analyzing and adapting this technology for improving business processes. Security is the primary enterprise application. There are other crucial applications that include creating decentralized ...

Emerging Technologies: Blockchain of Intelligent Things to Boost Revenues

The convergence of blockchain and Internet of things (IoT) powered by data and artificial intelligence (AI) is on the agenda of several big companies and some of them have already started using its implementations, initiatives, and solutions in various projects. In this book, the author calls the convergence of these three technologies: the blockchain of ...

Principles Of Distributed Database Systems

The fourth edition of this classic textbook provides major updates. This edition has completely new chapters on Big Data Platforms (distributed storage systems, MapReduce, Spark, data stream processing, graph analytics) and on NoSQL, NewSQL and polystore systems. It also includes an updated web data management chapter that includes RDF and semantic web discussion, an integrated ...

Finance FREE Books for Download

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN FINANCE: 7 things you should to know about the future of trading with proven strategies to predict options, stock and forex using Python, applied machine learning, Keras

Do you want to increase your trading thanks to the artificial intelligence? Do you want to know how profitable are the best stock trading algorithms? If so, keep reading: this bundle book is for you! Today, thanks to computer programming and Python we can work with sophisticated machines that can study human behavior and identify underlying human behavioral patterns. Approached properly artificial ...

Digital Finance: Security Tokens and Unlocking the Real Potential of Blockchain

Explores how the financial industry will be affected by developments in blockchain and cryptocurrencies at the dawn of a new digital age in finance   Our financial system is in the midst of a digital revolution. Blockchain, viewed by many experts as “the most important invention since the Internet,” has changed the way we exchange value and information. Although ...

Les tokens stables – Partie 2 : MNBC et stablecoins algorithmiques

Après avoir traité des tokens stables collatéralisés dans l’article précédent, cette seconde partie aborde deux autres formes de tokens stables ou « stablecoins » : les monnaies numériques de banque centrale et les tokens stables algorithmiques. Les monnaies numériques de banque centrale Alors que la communauté crypto expérimente différentes formes de tokens stables, les banques centrales envisagent ...

Les tokens stables – Partie 1 : les tokens collatéralisés

La stabilité de la valeur est indispensable à la fonction d’unité de compte de la monnaie. Les tokens stables constituent une réserve de valeur, un moyen d’échange et une unité de compte dont la valeur est étalonnée sur une autre monnaie ou un autre actif. Ces tokens stables pourraient ouvrir la voie à la généralisation ...

Soft Skills Books

HBR Emotional Intelligence Boxed Set (6 Books) (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series)

Free Download Link How to be human at work. HBR's Emotional Intelligence Series features smart, ...


HBR 20-Minute Manager Boxed Set (10 Books) (HBR 20-Minute Manager Series)

You’ll get up to speed fast on the most essential business skills with this set of concise, ...


HBR Guide to Thinking Strategically (HBR Guide Series)

Synopsis The essential guide for managers to learn how to think strategically, focus on the big ...


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