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What is the best way to prepare for coding interviews?

Learning problem-solving through Coding Patterns was the best thing that happened to me when preparing for interviews. These patterns taught me how to solve unknown or unseen problems. And helped me develop the ability to map a new problem to an already known problem. That’s the best thing I could suggest to anyone. Learn the [...]
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pdfdrive alternatives : 15 sites concurrents pour télécharger des livres gratuits 2023

La croissance de la lecture numérique a favorisé la recherche et le téléchargement de livres électroniques gratuits via des plateformes en ligne comme PDF Drive. Heureusement pour ceux qui aiment lire sur divers sujets, de nombreuses pdfdrive alternatives pour télécharger des livres gratuits sont disponibles. Un appareil pour lire des ebooks. Photo : felipepelaquim, Source : [...]

Embeddings: The superpower of Deep Learning

I think Deep Learning finds its strength in its ability to model efficiently with different types of data at once. It is trivial to build models from multimodal datasets nowadays. It is not a new concept though, nor was it impossible to do it prior to the advent of DL, but the level of complexity [...]

23 Best Python Books to read in 2023 (Beginner & Advanced)

In this post, we’re going to explore the best books to learn Python in 2023, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user. Finding the right book to learn can make or break your learning journey. Python is an incredibly in-demand skill for professional software developers, data analysts, and anyone looking to advance their career. Best [...]

36 Machine Learning Books You Should Read in 2023

Machine Learning Books Everyone has their own learning style, and for some, reading can be a great way to brush up on a current skill or learn something new entirely. If you’re interested in the world of machine learning (ML), there are several great books on the topic. Which one is right for you depends on how [...]

Top 8 ChatGPT Use Cases: How is the AI Tool Revolutionizing Industries?

According to Drift’s 2021 State of Conversational Marketing report, 74% of companies want to implement conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to streamline workflow. It is clear, then, that its wide range of applications—from customer service to language translation to virtual assistants—has made conversational AI applications more prevalent in recent years. One such application that relies [...]

15 Best ChatGPT Alternatives (Free and Paid)

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have seen how explodingly popular ChatGPT has been on the internet. This chatbot is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, allowing users to have a conversation with the AI by entering prompts. But, ChatGPT’s servers have recently, more often than not, been overloaded with users. [...]

Top Free Resources To Learn ChatGPT

Learn about ChatGPT through Cheat Sheets, Guides, Books, Tutorials, and Blogs. By now, most people who use the internet know about ChatGPT and what it can do. But, they lack understanding of how it works and how it can be used. In this blog, we will cover free resources to understand the basics of ChatGPT, [...]

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Crypto Trading for Ambitious Beginners: A Practical Guide to Profitable Trading in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

No, you haven’t missed the boat on crypto. In fact, compared to many other technological revolutions, the crypto revolution has really only just begun—and this book will show you how to get into crypto the right way. Consider this observation about the computer revolution in the 1980s: “Today only 15% of American homes have a ...

Algorithmic Trading Strategies: The Most Profitable Algorithmic Trading Strategies for Crypto and Forex That Work in 2022

Do you want to learn how to make money trading the markets using a simple, yet highly effective algorithmic trading strategies? Includes Highly Profitable algorithmic Trading Strategies You Can Use For Crypto, Forex and Stocks! In this book you will learn how to make consistently profitable trades regardless of what’s going on in the market. ...

WEB3: What Is Web3? Potential of Web 3.0 (Token Economy, Smart Contracts, DApps, NFTs, Blockchains, GameFi, DeFi, Decentralized Web, Binance, Metaverse Projects, Web3.0 Metaverse Crypto guide, Axie)

Is Your Business Ready For “Web 3.0?” Whether it’s the transition from animal power to internal combustion or from handwritten letters to phone conversations, new technology is nearly always frightening. As Web 2.0 matures and grows to Web 3.0 — a decentralized layer atop the present web infrastructure — it’s worth reflecting on the early days of ...

Metaverse: The #1 Guide to Conquer the Blockchain World and Invest in Virtual Lands, NFT, Altcoins and Cryptocurrency

Have you heard about the Metaverse? Do you understand its concept and what it is capable of? Do you want to get involved now, while it is still a fairly new idea? The Metaverse can broadly be described as an online virtual environment where users can interact with the computing environment and other users. Playing ...

Blockchain Potential in AI

This book presents some of the latest advances in the convergence of BC and AI, gives useful guidelines for future researchers on how blockchain (BC) can help artificial intelligence (AI) and how AI can become smarter, thanks to the use of BC. This book specifically analyzes the past of BC through the history of Bitcoin ...


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have taken the world by storm in 2021. Many in the crypto space were surprised by the massive growth of the NFT market and the various mentions by mainstream media this year. How To NFT is written for beginners with step-by-step guides on how to buy, sell, store, and mint NFTs. This book covers ...

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Enabling the Internet of Value: How Blockchain Connects Global Businesses

This book shows how blockchain technology can transform the Internet, connecting global businesses in disruptive ways. It offers a comprehensive and multi-faceted examination of the potential of distributed ledger technology (DLT) from a new perspective: as an enabler of the Internet of Value (IoV).    The authors discuss applications of blockchain technology to the financial services domain, e.g. in real estate, insurance and the emerging Decentralised Finance (DeFi) movement. They also cover applications to the media and e-commerce domains.  DLT’s impacts on the circular economy, marketplace, Internet of Things (IoT) and oracle business models are also investigated. In closing, the book provides outlooks on the evolution of DLT, as well as the systemic governance and privacy risks of the IoV.   ...

Operational Risk Management : A Complete Guide for Banking and Fintech, 2nd Edition

Identify, assess, and mitigate operational risk with this practical and authoritative guide In the newly revised second edition of Operational Risk Management: A Complete Guide for Banking and Fintech, accomplished risk executive and expert Philippa Girling delivers an insightful and practical exploration of operational risk in organizations of all sizes. She offers risk professionals and executives the tools, strategies, and best practices they need to mitigate and overcome ever-present operational risk challenges that impact business in all industries. ...

How to Invest: Masters on the Craft

A master class on investing featuring conversations with the biggest names in finance, from the legendary cofounder of The Carlyle Group, David M. Rubenstein. What do the most successful investors have in common? David M. Rubenstein, cofounder of one of the world’s largest investment firms, has spent years interviewing the greatest investors in the world to discover the time-tested principles, hard-earned wisdom, and indispensable tools that guide their practice.​ ...

Encyclopedia of Finance 3rd Edition

The Encyclopedia of Finance comprehensively covers the broad spectrum of terms and topics relating finance from asset pricing models to option pricing models to risk management and beyond. This third edition is comprised of over 1,300 individual definitions, chapters, appendices and is the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource in the field, integrating the most current ...

Soft Skills Books

Mastery. Marginalia ROBERT GREENE

1 Mastery Marginalia ROBERT GREENE 1 Mastery 2 What follows are supplementary Mastery quotes that ...


The 10x Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure

Achieve “Massive Action” results and accomplish your business dreams! While most people ...


[FREE EBOOK] Mastery by Robert Greene

So I just finished reading Mastery by Robert Greene. I must admit it’s a great read. Indeed, the ...


Antifragile – Things That Gain from Disorder – Nassim Nicholas Taleb (EPUB)

Antifragile is a standalone book in Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s landmark Incerto series, an ...


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