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An Incomplete Guide to Rollups

Rollups are all the rage in the Ethereum community, and are poised to be the key scalability solution for Ethereum for the foreseeable future. But what exactly is this technology, what can you expect from it and how will you be able to use it? This post will attempt to answer some of those key questions. […]

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Downloaded Ethereum Smart Contract Development in Solidity

The general consensus is that BlockChain is the next disruptive technology, and Ethereum is the flagship product of BlockChain 2.0. However, coding and implementing business logic in a decentralized and transparent environment is fundamentally different from traditional programming and is emerging as a major challenge for developers. This book introduces readers to the Solidity language […]

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Qu’est-ce que la crypto-monnaie ? Histoire et Philosophie

Depuis la mise en place de l’euro, nous autres Européens, avons pris l’habitude de partir en vacances à l’étranger sans prendre en compte les taux de change et autres spécificités monétaires locales. Et pourtant, ce n’est pas le cas de tout le monde : partout en dehors de l’Europe, le moindre passage de frontière entraîne […]

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Mastering Ethereum: Implement advanced blockchain applications using Ethereum-supported tools, services, and protocols

An expert guide to implementing fast, secure, and scalable decentralized applications that work with thousands of users in real time Key Features • Implement advanced features of the Ethereum network to build powerful decentralized applications • Build smart contracts on different domains using the programming techniques of Solidity and Vyper • Explore the architecture of […]


Blockchain-based Smart Grids

Blockchain-Based Smart Grids presents emerging applications of blockchain in electrical system and looks to future developments in the use of blockchain technology in the energy market. Rapid growth of renewable energy resources in power systems and significant developments in the telecommunication systems has resulted in new market designs being employed to cover unpredictable and distributed generation […]

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